Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm in Canada eh.
Here're some comments on my visit
  • It was 1 degrees when I was there. I'm not saying that figuratively. It was 1 degree.
  • I was detailed by immigration for 3 hours when I got off the plane. They asked why I was in town, I said hookers and drugs. They didn't think that was funny.
  • Interestingly enough, when I eventually got to see an immigration officer, he said that if I would have said hookers and drugs, there wouldn't have been any problems.
  • Things are very expensive in Canada. It used to be ok when we had a good exchange rate. Now, it's just sad to use the US dollar.
  • I was watching the news over there. They covered news from around the world. That's right people, there are things happening than's outside of this country and what's on 'The Hills'.
  • Every one that's not American spoke more than 1 language.
  • There was a Japanese dude in my meeting named Hiro. I'm pretty sure he stopped time a few times when I was there.
  • I had my first experience where teleconferencing actually worked perfectly. There were a few screens and we could see and hear people in offices around the globe in real time. It was really cool.
  • I was all excited to buy cheap duty-free liquor. After the exchange rate, it was now more expensive to buy liquor at these place. Damn, the US dollar sucks.
  • I sat in the same seat there and back. The very last seat in the corner. Suck.
  • That's not nearly as bad as my co-worker who was stranded in Toronto. Her gate was next to mine, and I heard that O'hare had just closed down due to weather so no more flights. I waved and told her good luck. I wanted to buy her a bottle of liquor and say have a good night.
  • People, avoid O'hare like the plague.


Jamie said...

Canada! I'm jealous!

Tajhid said...

Yo, I got something to post! Invite me back, please!