Wednesday, March 05, 2008

China - Day 2

The day started out with a trip to the fabric market.

Anything you could possibly want that has to do with clothes is there. We went cause I wanted some nice tailored shirts. It was pretty fun. We got to pick the fabric, style, collar. I thought about getting 'Pup' monogrammed on my shirts, but I thought that might've been too much. I was excited to get some tailored dress shirts. Not just because that's awesome, but due to my giant head, I have a giant neck. So the shirts that fits my neck are usually for huge dudes. None of my shirts really fit. Not yet anyway.

We got fitted for the shirts, we were told to come back next week. When we were walking out, I noticed that you can get anything tailored there. There were jackets and coats. It was pretty smooth. I may have to get a tailored trench coat next time.

Off we went to meet up with some friends for dinner. We ordered this Chinese yellow wine. It wasn't all that, but we did get to pick the shot glasses that we drank from. I think this is a great idea. American restaurants, take note. Let the customers pick their own mugs and shot glasses.

Guess which one I chose?

After dinner we went to a bar that was close by. Nothing worth mentioning there. It was an average American-ish bar. The locals were talking about how there are all these seedy bars next door. They involved girls dancing on poles. It wasn't my idea, but I wasn't resisting either. We picked one out and went in.

For all that build up, it really wasn't all that interesting. I'm generally not interested in those type of places, but this one really just didn't do it. Sure, there was a girl dancing, and there was a pole nearby, but it was totally clean. There're dirtier girls on tour with Hannah Montana.

On we go to another bar where we were meeting more people. When we got to the club, the other group said they were going to be late, so we went to a nearby dive bar to wait. Pool was played, but nothing too interesting. There was this white dude at the bar by himself. Well, for a few minutes anyway, then he was swarmed by 5 Asian chicks. Things sure work differently there. That dude couldn't get the time of day around here. It's all about location folks.

We eventually headed over to the club. It was like any crowded club. Of course you all know I can get snobby on club music, but seriously, the DJ sucked. I totally should've taken over. There was me drinking till the bartender knew my name, and dancing with people from the other group, one who was actually quite cute. I showed her some of my salsa moves (I don't have any salsa moves except things I picked up from 'So you think you can dance', but it seemed to work). She invited us out for salsa dancing next week, but alas, we were going to Beijing.

After a while, the place was getting too packed so we took off and headed home.


Big Pinz said...

I thought about getting 'Pup' monogrammed on my shirts, but I thought that might've been too much.

Yes, sir. Too much, indeed.

Pup said...

So the Pup costume that I got tailored so Pup and I can look alike is also too much?

KO said...

Quite whining about the yellow wine. For once, I think I drank more alcohol than you did.