Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why you ask?

After all the blantant reasons why Palin is possibly one of the worse choices for this country, yet there are still so many people who like her. I too scratch my head every night about this. Why I ask? What is going on in all these people's head?

I couldn't find the words to articulate this, but fortuantly, someone has. I think this is the perfect summation/explaination of why people would vote for Palin:

She (Palin) is a natural product of mass democracy’s ongoing pursuit of charismatic mediocrity, in which voters not only seek someone with whom they can identify but also actively discourage politicians’ cultivation of expertise. Expertise grates against their egalitarianism, and so they try to avoid it in their political leaders.

For the full article, go here.

That's right. These people want someone as non knowledgable as themselves. Someone who can talk simple (mainly cause they don't in fact understand the issues and the details would confuse and scare them). These people voted for Bush for the same reason, and now they will vote for Palin. These people revolt against people who are smarter and has more expertise and knowledge than themselves. Somehow thinking they're being talked down to. Somehow thinking that someone who is smarter and has more expertise making a decision is a bad thing. That 'going with the gut' is the better decision making ability.

Don't be part of this group of people.

I promise there is a non ranty, non political post coming soon. There's just too much material here for me not to take advantage of.

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