Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Year End Wrap Up

What a year this has been. So many big things happened this year. I don’t think I can remember a year where more has happened around the world.

After 8 years of being allowed to slowly destroy everything the US stood for, 8 years of slowing turning back the clock on progress and science, 8 years of us vs. them mentality, something wonderful happened. The public has finally understood that we need a person in charge that’s smart (and not just use gut feelings), that can bring people together from both sides (instead of ‘you’re either with us or against us’), and one that make us proud to say we’re American when we’re in another country. Believe me, living in another country, this was a really big thing.

In November of this year, Barrack Obama was elected the next president of the United States.

It’s sad that he has been given the worse job in the world though. With expectation of Obama exceeding those of superman, it’s going to be a tough road for him. 8 years of Bush has left Obama with 2 wars, a financial meltdown, huge unemployment, trillions of dollars in debt, the middle east more unsettled than ever, an environment that’s ever degrading, the country’s infrastructure eroding, kids not getting the education they need to compete in the world, and health care being ignored. We ask Obama to save the US, and in turn, the world.

2009 should be interesting.

Before we talk about this year, let’s see how we did with last year’s to-do list for this year.

Be in Summer league shape by the time Spring league begins – I’m going give this one a check since I didn't experience winter this year and got to stay in generally good shape all year. B
Finish revision of sci-fi Movie Script – Umm… 2009 re-revision! F
Finish writing romantic comedy movie script – Umm… 2009 re-revision! F
Don’t let the chances slip away. Take that chance, make something happen even if it doesn’t turn out – Depends on what you’re talking about. I’ll give myself a C on this one as I think I let a couple of good ones slip.
Do something new -personal skill-wise – I’ve taken sailing lessons as well as learned the Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, and Salsa. I’ll give myself a B+ on this one.
Go out of the country - 2x if possible – Yay for Canada, China and Australia!! A for me!
Make a short term (2-3 year) plan by end of March – D’oh. F

So it looks like I did ok this year.

One big thing that happened this year was that I moved to Sydney, Australia. It’s quite a big move. Distance wise, pretty much as far as I could’ve gone. An opportunity came up and I took it. It wasn’t an easy decision as I’ve had to leave behind a lot, but I couldn’t be happier about the decision. I will never have a ‘I wish I lived in another country’ or something like that.

Recently, I got to see the great barrier reef which has been on that list of things I must do. I’m very happy I got to check it off. It was simply amazing and I’m pretty sure people will screw it up soon enough. I’m glad to have seen it when I did.

Living in Sydney, I’ve been without a car for 5 months now, and probably for the rest of the time I’m here. It’s quite nice really. I’ve never really liked driving. The public transportation is pretty good here and the walking’s been great. Even better, I’m pretty sure I’m totally carbon neutral or maybe even negative now.

Besides this big move to Australia, some of the more notable things included a trip to China which rocked my world. Don’t think I’d go back anytime soon, but it was very awesome and worth the trip. The Great wall and Great Barrier Reef, not bad for 1 year.

Another notable is the Zombie Vacation movie that I made with my friends (catch it on a local You-tube near you). I’m looking for a new cast for Zombie down under if anyone is interested. Just send a head shot and maybe what you’d look like as a zombie.

On a sad note, we lost Tim Russert on Meet the Press this year. I know this sounds silly, but he was Meet the Press. He's why I get up on Sundays. He was a part of my Sunday. With such an exciting presidential election, I know he would've loved to be part of it.

I know it’s silly to say this, but this is my favorite from all the posts this year.

“… There are so many people out there that just doesn't care. I understand everyone has their own problems and hardships. But the more people care only about themselves, their own situations, and nothing about the world and people as a whole, the less chance this world will have to get better. What the world needs is a hero.”

I believe that. The world is in a mess and is in trouble right now. The world needs a hero now more than ever. It doesn’t have to be one person that saves the world. It can be a person that helps out one other person when they were in need. With enough heroes, we can push back this encroaching darkness that seems to be spreading.

For 2009, be a hero. Don't standby as the darkness looms. Stand up and fight. Fight for yourself and those around you. Do something positive for the world and for someone.

Have a wonderful New Years everyone!

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MilpitasGirl said...

Oh Pup, another great Post.. I miss you and I hope you will have wonderful New Years Down Under. So glad we met and became friends, YAY for 2008, and I can't wait for more fun in 2009..ESL awaits you in Georgia.. come back!!!