Monday, December 15, 2008

So What?

To make a decision that has pretty much single handedly destroyed the reputation of the US, weaken us as a country, and put us in harm's way both fiancially and physically, all Bush has to say is 'So what'?!

Really? So What?

So what that 4000+ US soliders and hundreds of thousands of civilians have died for your mistake? So what that we've spent billions and billions of dollars while bankrupting our own country and ignoring basic infrustrure and social needs? So what that you have proliferated terrorism around the world? So what that this world as a whole is a more unsafe and uncertain then ever before?

So what that you can so openly admit that you made a mistake but yet still stand behind your decision?

What am I talking about? In the below interview, Bush once again shows us his true colors and his lack of care or concern for what he has done. He just doesn't seem to realize the damage he has cause in his last 8 years. Even though he repeatedly said before the war that there was a connection between Saddam and al Qaeda, now he laughs off the lack of connection with a 'So What?'

This is the man you have put in charge of this country. Every single problem we have today is because of him and his Neo-cons. This is the decision that you have made and that you will have to answer for. Learn from this. Know that just because they say they're religious doesn't mean that they will do the right thing and that it certainly doesn't make them a good candidate to run the country. Know that just because they try to intimidate and scare you doesn't mean you have to bow down to them.

Please learn from this and never ever consider putting someone like this in charge.

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