Monday, December 08, 2008

It Doesn't Stop

I hope you realize the lasting damage you have done by voting and keeping the Neo-Cons and Bush in power these last 8 years. I'm sure you don't though. Must be nice to be so ignorant. It is after all, bliss to not understand things very well.

Here's another fun little tidbit for you.

The current head of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Stephen Johnson that Bush has appointed believes that "It’s not a clean-cut division. If you have studied at all creationism vs. evolution, there’s theistic or God-controlled evolution and there’s variations on all those themes. "

Are you fucking kidding me? That's right folks, the person that's suppose to be protecting our environment can't or is unwilling to separate between God and science. Are we suppose to pray for a better environment? Can we pray to get back all the dozens of animals that goes extinct every year?

In a long line of unqualified people in positions that Bush has appointed, Johnson received his bachelor of arts degree in biology from Taylor University, “an evangelical, interdenominational covenant community committed to advancing life-long learning and ministering the redemptive love of Jesus Christ to a world in need.”

It's no wonder he has no need or care for science.

In a role that is suppose to uphold both the law and in the best interest of the environment, Johnson has continuously bow to polluters. At least 4 former heads of the EPA (including those from Republican administrations) has publicly critized the work that Johnson has done. This including trying to strike down the ability for the EPA to control carbon emissions from coal power plants. Think about it. The head of the EPA saying the agency doesn't have the right to control or put limits on carbon emission. What does he think the EPA is there for? Not only is he not helping the environment, he's actively trying to get laws repealled that are protecting it.

This is the kind of Neo-Cons you have put in charge and the lackys he chooses. This is the kind of world you want the rest of us to live in. A world where religion is used for blind and corrupted purposes. I'm not saying you're that way, but you've let religion blind you into voting someone into power purly base on what they say, not who they really are. Do you really think your God wants someone who doesn't care about the environment to be in charge of the EPA? Do you not remember phrases from the bible that says it's your responsbility to take care of this place and all the creature that live here? If you believe all animals are created by your God, and you voted for someone who doesn't care if these God's creatures go extinct, what kind of person does that make you? Also, please don't go saying 'all life is precious' in one event, and then allow other life to be destroyed.

Don't pick and choose as you so often like to do.

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