Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Great Barrier Reefs

It was beautiful and sunny the entire time we were there, but I thought I share this one photo cause I think it's cool.

In my first major trip since being here in Australia, I took a trip to the Great Barrier Reefs. Somewhere I’ve always talked about, but never imagined that I’d go to. Living in the southern hemisphere and especially in Australia has really opened up a lot of places that I didn’t think I would ever get to.

I book at room on an island called Daydream island with a friend that’s visiting me from the US. Daydream island is one of the 72 islands here in the reef. One great selling point of Daydream is that the island has its own rainforest. Can’t beat that.

It was quite an exciting arrival. We flew to a nearby island (Hamilton Island). One of the larger ones here that has an airport. We then took a ferry to our island after a nice 40 min ride. This was especially nice being that they serve beer on the boat.

We got a wonderful room overlooking the water. We’re on the ground floor so we can walk straight out to a little lawn area where we’ve seen tons of strange wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, there is an amazing amount of it here. Strange dinosaur looking birds everywhere. There’re also lots of cockatoos and some bats flying around everywhere. Even better, there were a bunch of wallibies that came up to us while we were sitting there drinking wine overlooking the water.

When it comes to marine life, there’re just no words to describe it. Every type of fish you see on videos can be seen here. Just walking into the water, you can see many types of fish swimming up to you. One fish in particular caught my eyes. It looked to have fluorescent colors of all types. It looked like it could glow in the dark. I called it the rave fish. I’m convinced it uses it fins like glow sticks. I started making bass sounds to see how it would react.

Words really doesn’t do this properly. Take a look at the photos. I think that speaks to the beauty of this place much better than any words I can put on here. Even photos only gives you an idea. Being here is a completely magical experience.

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