Monday, September 12, 2005

Non-Political Stuff on My Mind.

Coming into work this morning I saw an email from our CEO stating that we have met the $100,000 donation match from the company. So Team Pup's contributions are out of luck.

However, since I did promise double contributions to everyone who has given me money, Pup and I discussed it and has decided to fulfill its promise and personally double everyone's contributions.

So yay and thanks to everyone for contributing!


College football was terrible this weekend as Ohio State lost a thriller to Freaken Texas. At least it wasn't to Texas A&M cause then there would be chairs and windows broken.


There's going to be some big exciting changes going on for me and Pup pretty soon. I'll fill everyone in when I get everything confirmed.


Yesterday, my two year old nephew asked my sister to call me. He does this pretty often. I think the reason is that everything I talk to him on the phone I say "Help! I'm trapped in the phone Scotty! Tell your parents to call me so I can come out and play!"

Being a two year old, he doesn't quite understand the concept of the phone yet, so this is a funny thing. So Scotty will usually say "call uncle Pup" a couple of times a week.


After a 2.5 week break from Ultimate Frisbee, I went back and played on Sunday. After an hour, I thought I was going to die. It was pretty hot, and I think at points my heart was actually hurting from beating so fast.

Who knew you could get so out of shape so quickly.


Ok, I have to sneak in one political thing. 38% approval, 55% disapproval rating for the president. Guess all you people that voted for him for his "moral" values forgot that this is a real job that has a lot of responsibilities and requires real leadership/administration skills. The presidency is more than being 'moral'.

Good judgement there on electing this guy.

Happy Monday!

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