Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oh My Gucci Lord!

I was going to post some reflection of this past year, about things I’ve accomplished, or still working on, but forget that crap. I think this takes precedence.

This article is just fucking unbelievable. No, this is not an article from the onion.

The House (Congress, not Waffle) released some emails from Brownie, then director of FEMA, immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit.

In an email correspondence between Brownie and Cindy Taylor, FEMA’s deputy director of public affairs during the critical first days after the hurricane, Brownie’s main interest seems to be with what he was wearing and how he appeared on TV rather than the people that were suffering in this disaster.

My favorite line from Brownie to Cindy “… I’m a fashion god.” Yes, how dare FEMA make you wear such horrible clothing. Where are FEMA's priorities? Let's forget about the budget to help people and can get Calvin Kline to design FEMA wear instead.

Yes, fashion is ABSOLUTELY the topic you should be discussing as head of FEMA after a major disaster. Browie, you ARE doing a good job.

Mission accomplished once again Mr. President. You sure know how to pick'em.

BTW, there’s still time for next-day delivery for presents :)

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