Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey Day Post

It’s Thanksgiving once again. A time for families that rarely see each other to indulged in turkey goodness. Hopefully most of us are thinking of more thankful things than the yearly worship of the consumer Gods that is the ‘Day after Thanksgiving sale’.

I know it’s a bit silly, but I do think about the things I am thankful for. I try to follow the intent of many holidays, like on New Years Eve, I will always think about what I’ve accomplished this year and set some goals for next year. Then of course get totally hammered. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I go to NYC to see the tree. Things like that, it’s just what you’re suppose to do.

Anyway. So I’m sitting here thinking about how I don’t want to do work today. I mean really, who does work today?

I’ll start with a couple things that I’m very thankful for

I think professionally I’m doing fine. Pretty good exciting new job with a growing company, a good stepping stone to my next job (yes, I think 2 jobs ahead of my current job. It’s a serious problem I know).

Although I was unsure at first, working from home has been the greatest thing. With the horrible traffic here in Atlanta, not having to be in it everyday is a serious work perk.

So I'm thankful.

Family and Friends
Yes, I’ve also realized that I put professionally before family and friends.

I guess I have my job to thank for the things in this part. I am enjoying living in Atlanta with my family and friends quite a bit. It’s nice to know you’ve got someone close by that you can just drop in. Teaching my nephew to say ‘I live a Thug life” is also fantastic.

Of course, that’s all I can think of right now in terms of thankful things. Now for something more traditional tot his site.

Things I’m NOT thankful for:

I’m not thankful for the current administration in almost any way, shape, or form.
I’m not thankful that this administration used a lie to take the nation to war.
I’m not thankful that W used the resources of the United States to fight his (and other evangelical warmongers’) private war. I know all about your tower of Babel reason.
I’m not thankful that W has ruined one of the biggest opportunities to bring the world together after 9-11. Now everyone just hates us.
I’m not thankful that this country has elected a president that thinks God speaks to him directly.
I’m not thankful that people think that’s ok.
I’m not thankful that there is no real leadership in the government today.
I’m not thankful that this administration uses fear, intimidation, and deception as its primary tools.
I’m not thankful that people don’t try to do more for themselves instead of just waiting for handouts
I’m not thankful that people actually think there’s not enough religion going on in the world. Look at all the shit around you, guess what the main causes for most of them are you jackass.
I’m not thankful that people have made religion into a global disease. Let me set it straight for y’all. You’re all FUCKING wrong if you think religion requires ANY killing of ANYTHING to spread your message.
I’m not thankful that somehow you think letting loving couples marry their partner have any effect on your life.
I’m not thankful that the upper class keeps getting richer while the majority of Americans continues to increase their debts.
I’m not thankful that the government keeps helping only the rich and big corporation. I’m not thankful that the government keeps cutting vital programs helping those that most need helping.
I’m not thankful that human trafficking has made a major comeback and no one is paying any attention to it.
I’m not thankful that the environment is going to shit and everyone thinks its just part of some cycle.
I’m not thankful that big pharmaceuticals have taken over as the biggest drug cartels.
I’m not thankful that people don’t realize this and there isn’t a just say no campaign against prescription drug abuse.
I'm not thankful that peoplethink of everything in terms of money or the bottom line. There has to be more than that living in a society.
I’m not thankful that intelligent design isn’t outright laughed at and ridiculed, but somehow is law in some states.
I'm not thankful that people actaully think ID is science.
I’m not thankful that it took me 30 minutes to do the thankful list an only 10 minutes to do this one.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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