Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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It’s Valentine’s Day. No doubt.
But I say fuck that and all it stands for. True love in a capitalistic society is greed, not love. Blah blah blah. I say this every year.

This year, I say happy day!
Man, has it been a great day for me, and I’m not even in love. Don't even need it.

First off I had one class today, which is better than the two that I usually have.
So what did I do with my time off you ask.

Well I performed a physics demonstration of free fall for students at a private high school.
I screwed up because I hadn’t the time to practice with the equipment but the lecture went over well. Afterwards I joked around with the students and we mostly talked about Final Fantasy.

(Side note: When I screw up with a demo, you better not laugh else I bite you. I will bite your fucking ear off. Know this.)

Okay. phew.

So then I had lunch with high school teachers. They’re an odd bunch (civil, obeidient, self-righteous). Then I was rewarded with a physics text book (or two). Joy! Joy! Joy!!!

I’ve been helpful around the office today as well. Biology are having some sort of party and although I wasn’t invited, I helped set up the sodas, and the snacks and the doings and all the what nots. Then there was some discussion about the difference between gold fish and beta fish. That's when I ran away like a little school girl. Apparently a gold fish has color similar to gold, but a beta fish is nothing like the greek letter.

HA!!! I crack me up! *snort, snort*

So it just so happened that I had a good day on fucking St. Valentine’s Day. It won’t happen again. I promise. Now I’m ready to go home and slit my wrist. j/k.

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