Monday, February 13, 2006

V-Day Free Association

I’ve sat here for a while now contemplating what kind of post I would write for today. I could write a sappy tale, perhaps one from the past, or a new tale I’m looking forward to making come true. Maybe something sappy and abstract about the idea of love, maybe something painful and true about the reality of love.

For some, it seems that love comes so easy. They happen to be in the right situation, right place, right time, and poof, it all happens. Then there are those that have gone through every possible scenario in life and yet seem to be unable to find the one that they could call their own.

Is it fate? Is it coincidence? Is it just plain dumb luck? Or maybe it’s some kid in diapers shooting an arrow and fucking with you. Who knows?

For the most part, I dislike this holiday because corporate greed and consumerism has reduced the purity of love into a dollar amount worth of flowers, expensive chocolates, and gifts. I also hate that most of the population do not truly value or understand the concept of love other than then the value of their presents.

Yes, I know it’s shocking. The amount that you spend does not equate to how much you love someone.

There is one saving grace however. Looking pass the 95% fluff and commercialism of this holiday, and you’ll see. It’s small, but it’s there. The true spirit of this holiday. The spirit of love.

Even grossly marketed, the concept and spirit of love can be seen all around us. However artificial, people are planning to get together, to think of romantic gestures for each other, and most importantly, to just be with each other.

It would be nice to say that people do not need to be reminded of the love they have for each other. It would be nice to say that people don’t burn and kill because of a cartoon either, but humans are not like that and we don’t live in that kind of world.

Love is a concept many take for granted and many more who thinks is easily attainable. My favorite example is watching Jerry Springer. Let’s for a moment pretend everything is real on that show. The people on the show, at one time or another, has cared deeply for the person that they just found out has cheated on them with their best friend/relative (oh, no you didn’t bitch.. ding ding).

They throw around the word love like all the other 4 letter words that they know. The question is, can we say what they experience wasn’t truly love? Can we say love as experienced by one person isn’t as pure as another? Can we say one’s love is better than another?

Speaking for myself, I’ve researched, analyzed, and dreamed about the concept of love for so long now. I know what these people on Springer experience is not love in my book, but perhaps it is for them with their understanding of the concept.

Perhaps I’ve overcomplicated things with my obsession to this concept. Perhaps the people on Springer is right, it’s not that big of a deal, and you can feel love as easily and often as you want. Perhaps, but that’s not the road I take.

The road I take has had it's ups and downs. The road is difficult and l have no idea where it is leading. I know where I hope it leads, but there're no promises. I'll know when I get there. I know when I see the world as I’ve never seen it before. I know when I meet her the world will suddenly be a much better place.

I’m not saying I’m better. On the contrary, it seems that the Springer guests have it much easier and better than I. Whereas I am looking for so many elements that make up this concept of love (it's not just the person, but other things as well), they look for so little. Yet, it seems we are going to the same place. At times, I am quite envious, but I can also see the results of trying to take a short cut when it comes to finding love.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

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