Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Administration's Priorities, The 2007 Budget, and My Flying Monkey Army

Is there no stopping this guy?

President Bush's budget calls for elimination of a $255 lump-sum death payment that has been part of Social Security for more than 50 years and urges Congress to cut off monthly survivor benefits to 16- and 17-year-old high school dropouts.

If approved, the two proposals would save a combined $3.4 billion over the next decade, according to administration estimates.

You’re cutting a $255 benefit for people who are window or now have just lost a parent. All for what? Your tax cuts for the rich? More bombs for your "peace"?

Yes, you’re such a big man. Way to find every possible way to screw the less fortunate.

Speaking of Flip-Flopping, which this administration used so strategically to help them defeat their opponent during the election, this administration has once again given the American people the bait and screw (Yes, I know it's switch, but this is a royal screw).

In public, this Administration touts conservation and moving towards less reliance towards oil. In reality, Bush’s budget cuts back on the government's "Energy Star" program that promotes energy-efficient products -- from appliances to entire houses -- and to slash funding for a program that helps poor people weatherize their homes.

The two programs have been cited repeatedly by the White House and the Energy Department as among the most cost effective ways to save energy. Yet the administration wants to cut funding for the Energy Star program, most of which is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, by 9 percent from this year's $55.9 million, and roll back the weatherization program by nearly a third from $243 million to $164.2 million.

Other cuts in energy efficiency efforts range from programs to help states develop conservation-minded building codes and help small manufacturers save energy. Many of these programs are relatively small in terms of cost, but have huge potential payoffs in energy savings.

The bottom line is that this administration flat out lies and only say things to raise their drowning public approval. The administration has NEVER had any intention on acting on things like conservation or helping anyone but themselves (rich and ultra-rich).

What’s bad in this case is that Bush mentioned those things on the State of the Union address just a couple of weeks ago. I guess he was just assuming people wouldn’t tie what he says to his actions.

And yet, you like to distact the public with stupid ass stuff like worrying about Human-Animal Hybrids. Well guess what? I've moved all my human-animal hybrid research facilities. You'll know the Pup's wrath when you get hit with poop from my flying monkey army!!!

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