Friday, May 12, 2006

Day Dream

Sometimes when I’m listening to upbeat trance music, my mind starts wandering. It’s like a music triggered flash back. I see happy faces. Lots and lots of happy dancing people. We’re on a beach and the flash back always starts during dusk and then goes into the night.

Everyone is dressed in their best parachute pants or Kandy Kid gear. The girls are cute, some with their wings, dancing perfectly with the music. And not that swaying, stripper, or booty bumping dance you ever see anymore. Real Dancing. The guys put on a good show too. Some with their light skills, and some get down and dirty with their breakin’. All the movements are fluid and the glow sticks are colorful.

There’s no one fighting, no arguments anywhere. Maybe a bit more hugging than normal. No one cares what each other’s race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, or style are. It’s just a group of people looking to have a good time and share it with others.

The beats moves everyone into a trance. As the beats moves faster, the people get more excited. An overwhelming sense of warmth flows through your body and the lights around you begin to blur a bit. The only yearning for you now is for more water and to be touched. The need to get that physical connection with someone.

You can try, but you won’t have a bad thought in your head. Similar to what a person with severe depression may experience with their downward spiral, you feel happiness and nothing but. You cannot stop but feel happy. Bad thoughts can be brought up for mere seconds, and all seem to just fade away. Nothing you or anyone else can do can bring you down.

Everyone dances into the night, and soon the sun will begin to shine. The rest of world will once again be awoken with their hatreds, prejudices, and self serving agendas.

It’s time to go.

Kids, don’t use drugs.

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