Sunday, May 21, 2006


The End of Spring Season Ultimate tournament was moved back a week because of a mistake in the planning. This was probably better as it was raining last week. However, because of the move, there were only 5 members of our team that would be able to make the tournament.

It just so happens that there was another team with the same problem so we decided to play together. Their team name was Dick’s hunting club, our was the Thundersticks. So, the ThunderDicks was born.

I’ve been in a lot of tournaments, all with the same results. I think in the 10 years or so of playing ultimate, teams I’ve been on have only managed to win 2 or 3 tournament games. I’ve also been on several teams that went 0-12 and 1-11 for the season.

I knew it would be different from the first game as we won the game 9 – 3 against the top seed in our bracket. Even though we’ve never played with each other, everyone had a very good idea of their role and could execute it well.

We went on to be undefeated coming out of our bracket with no games even remotely close. We were holding teams to 3 points or less. A quarter final and semi final game later, we were in the final game with a record of 5-0.

Mind you, we’ve played 5 games, and the temperature was pretty hot. Everyone on the team have all drank a couple of gallons of water and Gatorade. The team (More Cowbells) that we were facing was by far one of the most talented. Our team didn’t have the superstar talent but had a lot of above average players, and more importantly, we played very well together (playing zone defense all day).

So the game finally started. We scored the first two points, but then they came back to tie the game at 2. We were a little nervous as we were never tied in any of our other games. We turned the fear into motivation. We hunkered down and played some very good defense.

We managed to score the next few points and took it to half time with the score of 7-3. During halftime, there was very little talking as we were busy with drinking fluids and sucking in air to keep from cramping up.

We scored first in the second half, but More Cowbells were not ready to give up. They scored 3 unanswered points to make the game 8-6. We knew we had a game on our hands. Personally, I was very afraid of this. I’ve been in this situation all too often. In many of the other teams I’ve played with, many would get to this point in the game and totally self-destruct.

I swear this part is not made up. As I was walking onto the field for the next point, I had a déjà vu of the play that was coming up. The point began and everything was as in the déjà vu with players being in certain places. The déjà vu was me making a D (defensive play) on a throw. Sure enough, I stepped in just as I did in the déjà vu and got the D.

I’m sure this is the result of heat exhaustion, but it was awesome never the less.

We took the game to 10-6 and we can start tasting victory. After we scored one more point, I came back into the game. I wanted this win and I wanted it badly. Everything else with me have been going so badly lately that I need this win. I need to have a win.

I played like a man possessed. I ran faster and played harder than I did all day. I stayed for the last 3 points and had 3 Ds and the throw that scored the final point of the game.

That was it. ThunderDicks Wins! ThunderDicks Wins!!

I couldn't believe it. After 6 straight games (9 hour day with no bys), a 10 year drought was finally over. The pup has finally won an ultimate tournament.

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