Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here we go again

The investigation into Sarah Palin's abuse of power case ran into resistant as the Republicans naturally want to end it or delay it past the election. Even Republicans who supported the "Troopergate" investigation now wants it delays.

Can you really tell me with a straight face that they're NOT doing this solely for political reasons? Screw the law, the law can wait, let's see if she becomes the VP first. What kind of irresponsible behavior is that?

This all from the party that's ran this country for the better part of the last 8 years. What have they done you ask? Oh you of such short memory. We're in 2 wars. Our reputation around the world has been dragged through the mud. We had one of the worst repsonses to a natural diseaster EVER. Our country went from a surplus in buget to the biggest deficit EVER (with most of our money owe to people who doesn't like us). Our financial system is in its worse shape in the last century. Companies that has lasted hundreds of years couldn't survive 8 years of this Republican administration in charge.

So half of you out there are considering voting for ANOTHER VP that wildly abuses their power in the office. Wow. You guys really don't learn do you.


Anonymous said...

you know, it's not like the clintons never abused their power, got us into wars (bosnia), etc. etc.

Pup said...

Please explain how Bosnia has anything to do with this and also what the etc. etc. is. Also, can you explain how that is the same as something like Iraq where the administration actually LIED to get us there. Do you know how much Iraq costs each day vs. what Bosnia probably did?

Also, it's ok then since everyone's doing it? That's your logic? Even when you know ahead of time this is what Palin does and will probably do in the white house? You don't want to vote for someone better?

Congrats on your great logic.