Monday, September 01, 2008

The Apt, the Apt, the Apt is on fire...

Here's a funny story.

I was doing laundry Saturday morning.

The laundry room is right next door to mine. I was going in and out all morning. I went out one more time to see if I left anything in one of the machines and as soon I went in the laundry room, I hear a click.


I've been in and out all morning and the door's never closed on me. What the hell? I just locked myself out. To add to the problem, I just put something on the stove, so I've got something cooking. If I don't get back in there soon, I'm going to burn the place down.

I've lived here for a week, and I'm going to burn the place down. Great.

I wasn't sure what to do. I knocked on one of my neighbor's door. This old dude in a robe came to answer the door. I told him the situation. This is what he said as a solution in all seriousness. Is your balcony door unlocked? Good. Go up to the apt above and jump from the balcony into my apt. You can hang from the bottom of the balcony and then swing yourself onto yours. Just don't let go.

I'm like what? Are you insane? I'm 8 floors up! I'm not Jackie Chan.

He said fine, looking a bit disappointed.

I remember my realtor works on sat sometimes so I gave her a call. Luckily, she was there. She said to come by the office and grab the key. I was a bit relieved as I'm only about a mile away from her office.

Then I remembered. Since I'm doing laundry, I'm barefoot and in my pajamas and a white t shirt. For those of you that knows me, my usual outfit.

I didn't really have a choice, and time was of the essence with food on the stove. I just started sprinting up to the office. The office is on this section of the road that has tons of cafes. It's brunch time, and everyone's out eating on the patio. Brunch is very big here.

So everyone's enjoying their leisurely meal when up comes a half dressed guy sprinting pass them. I bet there was some good conversations that got started from that. You guys can probably all imagine what that scene looked like.

Good news is that I got the key and ran back and the place hasn't burned down yet. The smoke detector hasn't even gone off yet (I know the smoke detector is very sensitive cause I've set it off a couple of times already).

I'm going to go make a copy of my key and hide it somewhere. I'll tape it behind something along with a gun, passports, and some cash and be all James Bond like.

That was just what happened before noon.

Next time, what I was doing till 4am later that night. Just as a teaser, there were 4 bars, some crazy lady, and a random warehouse party involved.

Till next time!

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the M girl said...

kinda funny that we do similar things. i left my oven on for a whole day til my roommate caught it.

we're both trying to burn our places down!