Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why Waste Time When Someone's Already Done It Better?

I've been trying to figure out a way to verbalize this and to find examples of this. I've seen it, I've heard it. Just haven't had the time to find it. Well, thanks to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, I think they's said it all.

Watch this when you have a bit of time.

See how fast the tune changes for the Republicans when they run into these issues that they so quickly cast judgement on before.

Can someone tell me what a VP even does?.. that was then. I accept your nomination for VP of the US.. That's now!

Pregger Teens? Blame the Parents, they're pinheads.. that was then. Respect their choice.. That's now!

Whinny female politicans? They should get out of politics if they can't handle the criticism. It's a step backwards for women when they can take a little heat.. That was then. There is a deep rooted sexism going on in the media and this country... That's now!

This government is broken and we need someone to fix it!.. That's now! Umm.. Republicans have had the white house and congress for most of the last 8 years.

How can you not see this well coordinated spin machine? I heard a person they interviewed after Palin's speech, she said 'I really liked her speech. She used small easy to understand words.' What the fuck is wrong with you?! How is that a reason to vote for someone? Why in the world do you want someone like you to be president? You're obviously not that great. Why would you want someone not that great in the White House?

What the hell is this obession with wanting someone 'just like you' or that 'can relate to you' to be the president? This goes to both parties. There are NO political people at this stage of government that's ANYTHING like you or can really relate to you. Unless you have millions of dollars in the bank, several mansions, or a private jet you can put on ebay (can't believe Palin said that in her speech and people cheered). What the fuck are you thinking? Oh, yea, that reminds me of the time I put my private jet on ebay to sell... oh wait. No, that was a used porn dvd. Nevermind.

They're not like you. We need someone that's better than us to run the government. Better is not a bad word, neither is Elite. I believe elite means something like the best. Don't you want the best to be running the government?

Listen. Don't think I just LOVE the Democrate's choice Biden either cause I don't. I've got some serious issues with him. I bet you didn't know this. Biden is on my shit list. That's right. He's one of the people that created and passed the RAVE act. Oh. Biden, you didn't think I'd remember did ya. You think I'd forget with all our brains damaged and no fluid in our spines. Nooooo... I remember. War on drugs my ass.

Still though. It's better than the alternative.

People. Please pay attention. Do your own research. Look at both sides and the real issues. Not just the talking points. Make a good decision Please.

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