Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ultimate Down Under

Last night was my first night of Ultimate Spring League here in Australia. I'm glad that I've been able to find ultimate here. Also, for the first time, I have a friend that went to play as well. I don't think since uni have I know people outside the sport go play with me. So yay for that.

One problem that I can already see is that it's played at fields around suburbs so it's going to be quite difficult to get there without a car. No train lines for me. I may have to learn how to use the bus lines. Bus line and Ferry line. Finally frontier.

I've played around with the idea of a car. They have the ones you can rent for a few hours at a time. There's one that's parked right in front of my apts. I'm still not sure about driving on the wrong side so I'll have to see about that.

Anyway, back to the Aussie ultimate. A lot of it was the same. We started late. The calling card of ultimate. There were a lot of differences though. Overall, I think the level of game play was not as high as it was in Atlanta. It could be that this was the first night or that this was not the big summer league which would bring in more of the good people. I guess this might be good. I looked pretty good out there and I haven't played in a few months.

One very big notable difference was that after the game, each team did cheers for each other. The league in Colorado I was in did that, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. The sportsmenship was very high with both teams huddling up and saying good stuff and cheers for each other. Took me a bit by suprise, but it was totally cool.

I'm going to have to figure out this transportation issue, but other than that, I think this is going to be fun playing ultimate here.


Jay said...

Have you been officially sanctioned to use the term 'uni' yet? Pretty sure foreigners need a permit or something.

Daniel said...

Cheers for the other team? Ultimate just took a giant step towards the "not a real sport" category.

Pup said...

Jay - You know, whenever I use Aussie terms, I'm always waiting for someone to call me out on it.

Dan - Yea, I know sportsmanship is foreign to you Americans :p