Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just Cause I'm Not Living in the Country Anymore.. Doesn't Mean I Can't Bitch

On American Politics.

Funny enough, I get more news here than when I was living in the US.

So, the McCain and the Republicans nominated Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska to be the running mate with John McCain.

Seriously? This is your pick? And you can say with a straight face that this was chosen because she's the best person for the job and not purely for political reason?

Can you say you didn't pick her because she's a woman? The pro-Hillary and scared conservative suburban mom population that you're targeting?

Can you say you didn't pick her because she's insanely conservative? The Christian right that you're so desperately trying to get out and vote? The horribly misguided Anti-Choice population that you want to excite?

Can you say you didn't pick her because she's so pro-big oil and pro-NRA? The population that gives you all your money?

I don't think you say deny any of that.

McCain accused Obama of putting politics before the country first, but I think this choice in a VP truly shows which party could give a rats ass about the country as long as they win.

How about some facts about Palin.

_Palin sought pork-barrel projects for her city and state, contrary to her reformist image. In her earlier career as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Palin hired a lobbyist to help the tiny town secure at least 14 earmarks, worth $27 million between 2000-2003. McCain has touted Palin as a force in his long battle against earmarks. Really?

_Her husband once belonged to a fringe political group in Alaska with some members supporting secession from the United States. I believe there was a war that determined this is not legal.

_A private attorney has been authorized to spend $95,000 to defend her against accusations of abuse of power. The state legislature is investigating whether she had Alaska's public safety commissioner fired after he refused to dismiss a state trooper who had divorced Palin's sister. Yea, that's who we want in the oval office. Someone who will get someone fired for breaking up with her sister.

_She has acknowledged smoking marijuana in the past. Well. I don't give a rat's ass about this.

_Under her leadership this year, Alaska asked for almost $300 per person in requests for pet projects from Stevens, one of McCain's top adversaries. That's more than any other state received, per person, from Congress. Yea, you're really 'outside the system'.

_Bristol Palin's boyfriend, Levi Johnston, plans to join the family of the Republican vice presidential candidate at the GOP convention. Talk about the text book example of a shotgun wedding. Way to go on your Abstinence only education! See how well that works!!!!!!

_This is probably the most angering one. Palin opposed the U.S. government's listing of a variety of animals as endangered, including the polar bear and the beluga whale, both of which inhabit areas also rich in oil and natural gas. There is just no excuse for this. You want to hunt, go hunt a human. Leave these animals alone just cause you want to get rich off the oil that's in that space.

How well versed do you think Palin is on foreign affairs? Sticking up for Palin, a commentator on Fox News says that she governs Alaska which is really close to Russia. She must know how to deal with them. WTF? How are you still a channel?

"If you can take on Ted Stevens and that crowd in Alaska, you can handle the Russians," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C, told ABC News this week. Do you even know where Russia is? Have you read anything in the news lately about Russia? They're going to overtake China as the scariest country in the world. They're no joke. They're the real thing.

You want to vote for someone like that? Someone that may have a good chance of becoming the most powerful person in the world? If you do, all these jokes I hear about Americans are probably all your fault.


David Gerard said...

Bristol herself is not really fair game. Sarah OTOH ...

Chops said...

Please watch this:


the M girl said...

If they win, I'm moving out of the country!

Any chance there's room in Australia pour moi??

Pup said...

David Gerard - I believe I only mentioned that Bristol is preggers. Not really an attack but stating a fact. Frankly, I don't care that she's preggers.

I am attacking her mother and her insistence on Abstentence only education. IT DOES NOT WORK.

Chops - ummm.. not sure what that's proving.

You of all people should know this. Prior work experience has very little predictability to future work experience. Everyone, besides a previous president all will have to learn how to be the president. This is an unique job. The closest would be a governor, but I don't know being the governor of the least populus state for 18 months makes a strong case. Also, you're not refuting any of this stuff about Palin cause you can't.

m girl - come on down. Plenty of room :)