Thursday, October 27, 2005

Warty Gords

Hard to see, the dark side is

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination for the Justice position today. It would seem that being overly under qualified and the fact there are no paper trails as to any of her opinions other than 'He (Bush) is the best governor ever', would be good reasons to revoke her nomination.

However, we all know that wasn’t the reason. Although I am happy to see that Miers withdrew, there’s a great concern over who will next be nominated.

The primary downfall of Miers’ nomination was not anything the left did, but it was the doing of the far right. The ultra conservative/religious fundamentalists (UC/RF) did not believe she would enough of a hardliner to sway the courts towards total conservative religious ideology. Even knowing that this move will make an already battered and weaken presidency even worst, these zealots did not stop in attacking Miers.

What these UC/RF are demanding is a person of proven conservative and hard liner views. A person that they know will spread their far-right disease into the courts. There is no moderation with this group.

I’ve mentioned this before, but does this scenario sound and look familiar to you? Can you say IRAN? These religious far-right power brokers openly states that they are the ones that put Bush in the White House, and as such, they openly state that this administration will do what is necessary to please them. Or else be damned.

They put Bush in the White House, if necessary, they will take him out and replace him with someone who will follow their every command. Is this kind of thinking for a group with such political powers disturbing to anyone else but me?

As much as I enjoy seeing the Republicans spilt into 2 sects, with one being unyielding fundamentalism. It’s scary to see that fundamentalist group holds all the power right now. It will be even scarier to see who the president will nominate next to please his far-right overlords.

With all this going on, it’s hard not to think about Iraq with its constantly changing purpose. Most recently, the administration says that we’re in Iraq to spread democracy and to fight theocratic rule. Funny for this administration to be saying that. Maybe we should bring back the troops to spread democracy here in our own back yard.

For most of this administration, the Far-right has been in the back ground of things. Controlling everything through others while not openly revealing themselves. It seems that the time has come for them to step forward.

I’m just waiting for one of them to say “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.”

Have a good Thursday!

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