Friday, October 14, 2005

The Joys of Moving

As you know, I am in the process of moving and in case you haven’t done much moving, it’s a big pain in the ass. It’s even worst when you have to move long distances and pay for it yourself. I can’t believe how incredibly expensive it is to do anything relating to a cross state move.

Having someone to move you is just out of the question because of price. I’ve been pretty spoiled by my last two moves where people came and packed everything and then it all magically showed up at my new place with no hassles from me. Now I’m gonna have to get my lazy ass in gear and pack and load and crap.

There’s the renting your own truck option, but with gas prices the way they are, it adds almost 33% to the cost of the truck to drive it there. Besides that, I did not enjoy my drive in a giant 16” truck (Yea, I have a lot of stuff. Shut up) with Big Red towing behind it. The best though, is being able to go to a truck stop and feel kind of like a trucker.

So what I’ve decided on is a moving service where they leave a tractor trailer in front of your house, you pack and load it, they drive it to your destination, then you unload. I think this will work out the best and if you know me, I’m sure you would have guessed this is the cheapest way to go.

The problem however, is that my apartment complex has very narrow streets and a giant 28” trailer will block at least 2 of my neighbors. I asked the apt. manager and she said I’ll have to get permission from everyone around my building or it’s a no go. How annoying.

Well, I think I’ll tell my neighbors the day before so they don’t get their cars trapped, but asking for permission is probably not going to happen. I just don’t do that.

Random notes:

I’ll be gone all next week for work, so no blogging. I think this will be the longest I will have gone without blogging since I started this whole thing over a year ago. We’ll see how I hold up. Hope I don’t get the shakes.

Laying my arms on my hard desk and working on my laptop has started making my wrist and elbow hurt a lot. I’ve talked to my office manager about it, but Pup just keeps making fun of me and calling me names.

Since a couple of people were upset that I didn’t mention my birthday last year, here’s your warning.

21 days until my birthday!

I’m going to be SO old.

See you all in a week or so!

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