Monday, October 03, 2005

The Madness of Slow Cooked Smoked Meats

I attended what was dubbed the ‘World Series of BBQ’ this weekend at the American Royal. This was something that I had wanted to attended before leaving here. What I saw was much more than I expected.

The competition space spanned across 20 acres with over 500 teams competing in a number of categories. You have your vegetables, beans, potatoes, chicken, sausage, and desert category. That’s all nice and fine, but as you know, those are all 2nd class citizens when it comes to BBQ. The main event involves the judging of BBQ Pork, Brisket, and Ribs.

I went on Friday night, and as the competition wasn’t till Saturday afternoon, there were parties everywhere. There was a big offical state with the band that sand 'Louie Louie', but I must've seen at least 2 other dozen bands apread out all cross the space. People were everywhere. Let me correct that. Drunken ass people were everywhere. I’m convinced that this is just an excuse for everyone to camp out, cook some meat and drink. A lot.

The air was filled with hickory smoke goodness, and every tent (area of each team).had an unlimited supply of BBQ and alcohol. It was like heaven.

You could go by each tent to try out some of their food. Though this was not the competition food they would be serving tomorrow, it was all still very good.

We ended up at a tent where a friend had a friend that knew a friend that working. The meat was everywhere and the beer and shots were a floating. Good times was had by all. After staying at this tent for a while, we found one of our friends at another tent that was competing in the beans competition the next day.

Hour and hours later, after gallons of alcohol, we decided to go. Before we left, I saw an idea that I may just have to steal for a later party. A team had bought 2 giant blocks of ice. They cut (sawed) a path in the middle and raised the block of ice to a 45 degree angle. Individuals would sit at the bottom and drink as they poured shots from the top.

I don’t know if I explained it very well, but it was awesome and people were getting hammered.

Have a good Monday Everyone!

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