Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pumpkin Festival, CA

Pup’s got to hold on ready or not. Pup live for the fight when it’s all that Pup’s got!

Pup's half way to somewhere.

Last night was my parting night at my bar. Just like usual, I walk in and is immediately greeted by the staff and a few of my friends.

Strangly, I think Axel Rose of G'n' R was there last night. I'm so serious. There was this guy that looked like of like him, with the long hair and big bandana playing some pool. I thought about playing 'Welcome to the Jungle' and see how he reacted.

I know I’ve gone through all the reasons why having a bar to call your own is great, but I thought I make a list anyway.

1. People know your name, drink, and usual order when you come in. The order is a big deal because it’s very Sally, from When Harry met Sally, like. Everything on the side. It’s embarrassing to order it like that and I’m not usually that way, but it’s really good this way with the chicken wings and chili cheese fries.

2. Any miss pours, extra orders, or drink experiments comes directly to you.

3. Drinking with the staff.

4. Being able to play cards with the staff. Last night we played UNO. Old school fun!

5. Being able to go to bar by yourself and feel like you’re not there by yourself.

6. You bill always comes up mysteriously low for the large volumes of alcohol and food you’ve consumed.

7. One of my favorite reasons. At least once a night, Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ comes on the jukebox. The bar livens up a notch and everyone sings along. It’s the official song for this bar I think. FANTASTIC. It’ll be hard to find another one like it.

Last night I was there till they close around 3:30am. It was sad to go. Here’s to finding a new place in Atlanta or maybe I'll realize I shouldn't spend that much time in bars :p

Happy Wednesday!

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