Sunday, October 23, 2005

Route 1, Stretch between San Francisco and Santa Cruz

Guess Who?

I’m back. I’m sure you were all just checking this blog thousands of times a day to see if the Pup is back. And judging by the stat counter you haven’t. Oh well, it was a nice thought anyway. :)

The picture above is of a small part of the coast line between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. It was indescribably gorgeous. Going down route 1 with miles and miles of continuous coast line was simply dreamy. Although in my dreams I was driving a convertible while the sun is going down, and instead of my friends in the car, there was a particular person sitting next to me.

Anyway, the drive was great never the less.

I went to San Francisco a couple of days early to hang out with friends and to enjoy the sights before my week long training. We went to what was supposively the biggest pumpkin festival in the world. It was ok. There were some pumpkins, but it turned out to be like any other arts and craft fair. The highlight was a pumpkin sausage and super garlic fries. Mmmm…

So after the festival, we drove down the coast line to Santa Cruz. I think I could definitely get used to the idea of being a beach bum or surfer. Many of whom I met while walking around Santa Cruz. It’s just as I remembered them. Surfer people are something else.

Sadly, that’s not the life I live. I live in crazy working world. From Monday till Friday afternoon, I was stuck in intense training sessions. I don’t remember ever studying this hard or having so much information crammed into me. Some of it may be because of the time change, but I think I was averaging a good 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night at the most. It wasn’t really the hours of sleep that bothered me. I can't stand sleeping as it is. The room I had was quite nice, but it was unfamiliar and with an unfamiliar bed bed. It was after all, a hotel.

By the time I caught my flight home on Friday night, I was totally spent. As I was driving home, I was thinking. I can’t wait to see Pup. Haven’t seen him in a while. I bet he’s finished all the liquor in the house and set some stuff on fire.

Then the mind went to a bad place. After being gone for a week, who do I have to look forward to seeing me? Sure Pup is nice, but not really real. As people were leaving training on Friday, they all talked about the people that will be waiting for them when they get home. Part of me was quite jealous.

When I got back home, it was just as I’ve left it. Every bit the same. Every bit as alone.

As I finally lied down in my own bed and closed my eyes. The bed suddenly felt strange and uninviting as I lie in it alone. Suddenly, even my own bed felt just like being in another hotel.

I think this maybe why I'm a much better traveler than a lot of people I know. Being on the road just doesn't seem that different to me.

So as I lie there that night, I thought to myself, 'maybe one day, we'll finally find a home to go to'.

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