Monday, October 31, 2005

Live from ATL, it’s Pup’s Blog!!!!!!

The biggest question I have after the move is, when the hell did I accumulate all this crap? For the normal person, a 1 bedroom apartment should take up about 10 feet worth of truck space. I took up 14 feet, and I did not take my dinner table/w 4 chairs, futon, or computer desk. I also took one very full car load worth of clothing and one very full load worth of random stuff to Goodwill.

Luckily for me, at the last moment I found a church group that was willing to take those things off my hand and deliver it to a family that escaped from Katrina. I guess there are hurricanes that pick you up and sends you to OZ.

After all that, it was still 14 feet worth of stuff. Sheese.

So T and I made the trip East from KC to ATL, it took about 14 hours with frequent stops and time off to play checkers at the Cracker Barrel. Yea, besides Dig Dug, I’m the champ of checkers (I have a trophy from the 4th grade to prove it too :p).

Now I’m in ATL for good. Except for this afternoon when I have to fly back to KC for work. Isn’t that funny?

I don’t have any of my stuff and that really sucks. I don’t know how I’m going to go from a huge apt. to trying to put most of my stuff in 2 rooms (one office, and one bedroom). I guess this is good in that I won’t be able to buy as much crap, but it’s also bad that I won’t be able to buy as much crap.

4 more days untill my birthday people, you can still get things here with Priority Mail ;)

Happy Monday!

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