Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why Am I?

What am I so drunk you ask? Yea. Note to self. Don't try to outdrink a Kiwi, a Brit, and an group of aussies.

I was sitting in my hotel room all by me self tonight. I was thinking. I need to get out there. Meet some people and shit.

Where do I feel most comfortable even without my crew. A local dive bar of course.

So I went out and hit a few local bars. The first few didn't really click with me. Then I went to the 'Fortune of War'. Supposively the oldest bar in Sydney. Right away I struck it up with the bartender talking about Rugby. She was quite a cutie which really helped out things.

Then I talked to this german guy. He was pretty cool and I got his number. Weird I know. I have no issues getting dude's numbers. I need a crew.

After he left, this Kiwi and his girl came in. He was all kind of crazy. So funny. We started buying each other drinks.

Then this group of Aussie girls came in. It was great fun as we started doing Jager bombs. You know how everything goes down hill after Jager. These gals had been drinking before they came here. Within 30min, had more to drink than me in the couple of hours I've been at the bar, and were perfectly fine with drinking more.

Of course, the Kiwi was helping everyone out with drinking more and more. It was a grand ol' time.

At the end, they said they were ready to start drinking and headed to a bar called 'Three wise monkeys'. I can only imagine what that's all about. I was pretty hammered so I wasn't able to join them.

What a bummer. These were my kind of people.

Oh well, guess I need to work on my tolerance.


MilpitasGirl said...

Lord Pup.. the drunken bear..your hepatocytes are crying out NO MORE!!Glad you are getting dudes numbers and getting a crew together.. that's how it should be!

Jamie said...

Or you could work on how to drink to your own tolerance, and not feel pressured to keep up! That might just be the future liver transplant talking, though, ha ha.

Pup said...

Oh you two medical types. Y'all just settle down.

The drinks were being bought for me. I didn't want to be rude. and yes, it would've been rude.

I'm like on a goodwill mission here people. Trying to show people we don't all suck. :P

Big Pinz said...

Those voices in your head that tell you to drink less?

Ignore them. Always.

Daniel said...

Thank God you kept drinking or there might have been an international incedent. Of course there still might be when you and the German dude hook up later. How exactly did that go? Did he write it on a napkin, you hand, your boob?

Pup said...

If I listened to the voices in my head, the world would not be such a nice place.

The drinking drowns them out.

If you must know, he wrote on a napkin with very neat hand writing. :p

And yes, I am trying to promote international peace here.