Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maybe I'm more awesome than I thought.

To all you nay sayers out there.

Who move to a new country and in less than 2 weeks:

- Became a regular at a bar. You know what that means? People know my name there. I know the bartender's and the manager's business, and I get served drinks even after last call. That's right. suck it.

- Went out with a girl. Had a nice dinner and drinks. Less than 2 weeks. Suck it.

- Went out with random people that I randomly met.

I'll update you with more of my awesomeness later.


Chops said...

oooh, i've got it....since you know things are like different below the equator (e.g. toilets flush backward), maybe its kinda like an opposite summarize, you choad it up in the states, but the opposite is to be freakin' awesome! w00t!

good luck w/ the laaaadies!!!

Michael said...

Whoa, it's been a while -- you moved to Australia? When? Why? You don't need dingos to eat your baby -- move to Mexico and a chupacabra could do it.

KO said...

What is happening? I want John back. Not Bizzaro John.