Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Domestic Flight in Australia

It's very difficult to do updates when you don't have Internet at home. Doing it at work and while you're sober is just not the same.

Well, here we go:

- I went to Melbourne this last weekend for work. I don't know, I think I may should've chosen that city instead. It's all nice and nature-y there. The vibe seems a bit better too.

- I had the best cab driver EVER. He was chatting away. Telling me where he was driving. All the local places, and some of the places we were driving by. Seriously the nicest drive ever.

- Went to a very cool bar without a name. There are many alleyway bars in Melbourne (unlike Sydney that only has super large bars). It was pretty sweet with the way it was set up and a live DJ. Then went to another bar named 'cookie'. It's pretty sweet. Even sweeter was our waitress. OMG. Seriously. We should clone her.

- Had probably one of the most fun flights ever on my way back to Sydney. Even though I was in the last row in the corner seat, it was still so much fun. What made it fun was the flight crew that sat next to me. They were hilarious. This was the crew that's working the flight back so they weren't working during my flight. Oh, it was just so much fun I can't even tell ya. They got me a bunch of food and beer to take home too.

- Beer and wine are free on flights here. Score.

- You can bring liquids on the planes. You don't have to take off your shoes either. Once again, score.

- All flights comes with food of some type, and not just the bag of pretzels. I got a cupcake, and these cheese and crackers. On my flight back, thanks to the crew I was sitting with, I got a steak sandwich and like a 6 pack of beer for the way home.

- I'm taking United on my way back to the states next week. Everyone here has grimaced when I told them that. I don't think it could be THAT bad. Besides, I have 16 drink tickets. I'll just make sure I sit on the lsle next to the bathroom.

- I saw all these things about Bali. I think I have to go while I'm here. Sadly, it's not one of those go by yourself kinda things. So... guess I better get a move on things.

Cheers mates,


MilpitasGirl said...

Free 6 pack and a steak sandwich? MY LORD.. I am moving to Australia!

Pup said...

Even with that, Quantas had a huge profit this year unlike some of the US airlines. Although there's only about 3 domestic airlines here though.

chops said...

so why are you coming back stateside? call me when you do!

Pup said...

Vegas baby. Vegas