Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Ok folks, I need some help in making a decision on where to live. Here're the two scenarios I'm working with.

Choice 1:

Standard 1 bedroom apt.
Wonderful view of the Harbour bridge and the city
Fully furnished

Choice 2:

Share the apt with 2 girls
1 bathroom
A tiny room in an apt. Like really small/Can barely fit a double bed and that's it
Area for an office
Unfurnished room, so will have to buy bed
It's $520 cheaper a month + only 1/3 utilities
Have good friends that live across the hall. 2 guys and a girl. It's almost like a 'Friends' scenario.
They all go out and hang out together

Being that I'm in the city all by myself, and that my coworkers are pretty much non-existent. I can instantly have 5 friends. Very tempting. The room is so tiny though. Although I would save quite a bit per month.

Here's the other thing. The girls will be making a few more interviews and will decide by Friday. If I want that 1 bedroom, I'll have to act fast. The rental market here is ridiculous. The renters have said it's a quick turnaround so if I apply tomorrow, I should be able to move in by friday if all goes well. This is before the girls make the decision.

What should I do?


Big Pinz said...

Move in with the girls. When in doubt, always move in with girls. Plus, tight quarters justify the "sharing of space."

MilpitasGirl said...

MOve in with the girls.. be sure they are CLEAN..and when you get drunk you can always "accidentally" go to the wrong room..and cuddle with "pup" but it happens to be a female boob and not your pup..hahha

LiAps said...

Get your own space. You can bring the girls there!

Big Pinz said...

Yeah, 'cuz the history of Pup is riddled with women he's talked into his apartment.

KO said...

Live with the women. Plus it's cheaper. I know this option appeals to you on so many levels.

the M girl said...

i vote for the girls. why not? it sounds like you wanna, and if you end up not liking it (which i doubt), you can always find another place (especially with all the $$ u are going to save).

just be aware that you will never get to use the bathroom. (just find a coffee shop nearby that has one and ur set!)