Sunday, August 10, 2008

One World.... One Pup

Does anyone else think the slogan of one world, one dream of the Olympic games is a bit ominous coming from China? Do you know what their one dream is? Yea, you should be concerned.

I'm currently watching my favorite Olympic sport. Woman's beach volleyball. Seriously, best spectator sport ever. In case you were wondering or have noticed that their bikinis has gotten smaller, it's not just a fashion statement. I heard this on the TV today. There was a rule change recently that said their bottoms could only be so big. I don't know who made that rule, but it's a fantastic rule.

Between every point, they play a short sample of a song. They just played 'Push it' by Salt n' Pepper. Sweetness.

Currently, Greece is playing Austria. Goodness, it's just all kinds of awesome.

During the formal timeout, 12 Chinese girls in bikinis ran out and help coordinate the wave. These even coordinators know how to throw a party.

Ring of fire? Wha? How's that an appropriate song to be playing?

Yay for butt patting!

Ha... they announcer gives instructions on how to cheer. That's funny.

Awww... it's over. Yay to the Austrians for a big upset over the Greeks.

It's been interesting watching the Olympics from Australia. I've been able to see a lot of sports that doesn't normally get shown in the US because Americans aren't in them. For example, I watched Badminton today. That's not too bad.

They also showed the women's weight lifting in the 49kg class. Now there wasn't any Aussies in this. I think they wanted to show because the women didn't look like body builders at all. They looked like quite attractive women. Attactive women that can lift more than double their body weight. It was quite the sight.

Whoa. They're showing field hockey now. Cool.

I'm not sure how it is in the US, but it's non stop Olympics here.

I sure hope they show table tennis. I would sure love to watch some Olympic table tennis.

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