Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Observations from Sydney

- One good thing about so many Asians around here is that there are a ton of arcades here. One bad thing is that there are so many Asians here. I can't play any games without getting my ass whooped.

- There were some crazy DDR action on Friday night. Who's doing a movie on this? It's sure to be better than most of the other movies made from video games'. Furdell, this one is for you. I saw a dude playing Crazy Taxi. I left to get something to eat, do some errands, maybe took a short nap. When I came back, he was still picking up passengers. Same game.

- I had yum cha (dim sum) today. I was there by myself and people gave me the strangest look being that this is supposed to be a big group of people kinda thing. Despite that, the food was super good.

- I just had the best cream puffs that were freshly made in front of me.

- I had a Russian cabbie today. He explained to me how the Georgians are the real terrorists in this conflict and that all this western propaganda is all evil. I thought this was really interesting to hear the other side's view on this. Made me glad I made my trip. The variety of people here is just amazing.

- They can say Shit on TV. Yet the world didn't end. How amazing.

- I think it's funny to say Rubbish instead of Trash.

- On the Bizaro front, there's a Delilah-ish show here that's hosted by a dude. Same type of stories and music though.

- So far, when I try to talk with an Aussie accent, no one has been able to understand me.

- While walking along the beach this Sat, I saw some whales. Yay whales. They were very cool and were just hanging out next to the surfers. I think they were judging the sufers or trying to decide if they should eat one of them.

- While on said beach, they had some loud dance music playing. Nothing beats beats on the beach. Nothing.

- I finally figured out how to text back to the states. That's right bitches. The texting is back!

- I'm set up to go to a Trance event at a dome in October. It's going to be sweet. Party goes from 10pm - 6am. Let's see how I do. In case you're wondering if what the event is: Godskitchen 'Angels in White'


Jamie said...

Hmm, my dad was saying something similar about Georgia, too. And I read on NPR that many Georgian's were appluading the Russian forces as they came through.

Anyhow, your texting should be interesting seeing as how your hours are so topsy turvy from ours!

Daniel said...

I'd clap my ass off if it meant I might live.

Pup said...

OMG, it took me 2 days to figure out daniel's comment.

I thought he was referring to something I said on my post.