Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No More Wings!!!

So the lesson learned from my messy hot wings lunch endeavor is don’t do it at work. But always do lunch!

A colleague has encouraged me to start going out for lunch, and I think I’m catching on. I started with the Taco Bell and McDonalds yum yum cuisine. Now I feel as if I’ve advanced from noob to intermediate. I’ve had pizza from Sbbarro’s Pizzeria, Mongolian Chicken from Uncle Chan’s, and you can imagine how I fair with Popeye’s Louisiana Style Chicken. If I actually eat at the place I can prolly jump up a few levels.

Anyway, I’m diversifying my taste. My favorite thing to do during lunch (when I can afford the time) is to check out the web sites of the restaurants. Usually I only check the site if I have their product in front of me.

Today I had a calypso from Larry’s Giant Subs. I read a napkin and discovered that as a penultimate to the veggie sub, the NY Special-Black Angus Roast Beef sub has the least calories (306.34 cal) of a list of 10 subs under 7 grams of fat! It contains the most sodium though.

I kept reading until I found And I had to check it out.

I always start with the "Find Locations", cuz it’s fun tracing my path. Then I go to the "Who We Are/History" section, and by the time I’m near the end of my meal I check out the "Menu" so that next time I’ll know what to get. I was preoccupied by Larry’s photo album. A must see.

"Most of our locations have a 20-foot, lifelike gorilla mounted in the dining room, which is impressive to the whole family." from Larry's

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