Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What would you rather? * Updated

In case you were wondering, here're my answers.

Have a million dollars
Be able to speak 5 languages fluently?

Definitly 5 languages. There're a milion ways to make a million dollars. There are over a million people that has more than million dollars in the world. I bet you can't find 10, 000 people in the world that can speak 5 languages fluently. Besides, the ability to understand and communicate with other people is by far more valuable than money.

Win a Nobel prize for an idea you stole
Become wealthy from an invention that hurts people?

People hurt people. Inventions do not hurt people. As much as I hate guns, I wouldn't blame the person who invited the gun for all the bad things that has happened because of a gun. Although just for argument sakes, you do NOT need an automatic rifle to shoot a deer.

Find but then lose your true love
Never find a true love?

It would be all so much easier to never find a true love. Never knowing how wonderful and the pure joy that only being with your true love can bring. Never knowing the unbearable pain of spending your life looking for something then to only get a small taste before it's taken away.

Yet, however small the time you get with a true love is far better than never having been in contact with her/him. The joy always outweight the pain. Eventually.

Have sex with someone with no arms
No Legs?

No legs. They're just in the way really.

Feed your children by regurgittion
Have to lick them to bathe them?

Unless the kid wants their food with a strong taste of Jack, I'd go with the licking them clean.
Answer in the comments section!

*Bonus Question

Have your parents walk in on you having sex
Walk in on your parents having sex?

Can you believe there are only 4 more days in 2005?!

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