Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Where Has the Leadership Gone?

Patriot Act report targets meth

So they’re putting in legislation in the Patriot Act to fight Meth. That sounds great. Meth is probably the biggest drug problem we have in this country besides prescription drug abuse. And no, Esctasy is not destroying all your children like the media would like you to think.

So that’s a good thing right? Fighting Meth. Well, here’s the part that makes you wonder. This legislation is being put in the Patriot Act

Hmm.. the Patriot Act. The set of laws that was created after 9-11 to help protect us from terrorism. The last time I checked, Meth was mostly coming out of the midwest, not the middle east.

Maybe someone read that wrong in a memo. I think it's the same guy that wrote about the WMDs.

My point is not that we shouldn’t fight meth. Meth is horrible and it’s spreading. In our seriously disfunctional society, we have moms who feel they need to take Meth just to keep up with things. This is a whole other rant about parents and their crazy perceptions about what they think their kids need.

Personally, I think there needs to be more jokes about Meth heads. After all, all the jokes and humilation about crack heads helped me stay away from the pipe. I mean really, I have enough things people can make fun of me for, who needs the crack head jokes too?

Getting back to my point. I understand that people stick all kinds of legislation in bills that had nothing to do with the original purpose. For example, the RAVE Act (A personal attack on my way of life by the way) was attached to the Ambert Alert bill. Who’s going to vote no on the Amber Alert bill?

The point is that there is absolutly no leadership in the administration or Congress today. If the adminstration was so serious on the Patroit Act, it would not let it be dilluted with anything that wasn’t about securing the borders, having better communication among the intelligence community or something that would actually be helpful in protecting the country. No, instead, you somehow think fighting meth is a good strategy for fighting terrorism.


The Republican leadership are all under indictment for their lack of moral judgement (ironic that morality is how most of them won their elections). Using insider information to sell stocks? Embazzlement? Lying? Well, that’s all fine as long as gay don’t marry I suppose.

The Democratic leadership is fighting amonst themselves and looking absolutly ridiculous to the public. In a perfect time to stand together as one party and take back serious credibility and seats in the government, the democratics are totally blowing it.

Oh well. Go out and spend and buy more stuff. That's what Jesus would want.

Happy Tuesday!!

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