Wednesday, May 19, 2004

By Golly, I think I have it

In response to the question that I pose the other day about why we are here, and exactly should we be doing here, I think I have the answer.

The answer is Power. Achieving power is perhaps the most important thing that we can do here. Without power, we can do nothing. Whether it is to do good, to do evil, without power, you're just another pathetic creature with hopes and dreams, but never able to achieve them.

Think about it. What good are desires, hopes, dreams, without the power to act on them? Beyond good and evil, beyond any categorizations of your actions. Power is the driving force.

Power comes in all forms and shapes. Money, respect, fear, these are all ways power can manafest. This is what is important. Power.

It is important to have goals, desires, dreams, but none matters with the power to do something about it. Think of the goals that you set. Who has the power to make those goals come true. Now think of the person that is one level above that person. That is the person you want to be. That is the person with the power.

You may be thinking of power as the CEO, or the presidents, or the dictators, or the mob bosses. Certainly they have power, but what about you? Perhaps your dream and desire is to have a nice family and live comfortably in a nice house and have some nice cars. How do you expect to get those things? Yes, that's right, you need power. There are degrees of power, but we all must have some in order to get what we want.

Individuals without power are simply powerless. Sounds corny, but it's the best way to state it. Powerless people have no impact on society, nor will they ever, unless they acheive power in some form. A poor man may not have power in one certain area, but if that same poor man is looked up to by hundreds of others, that man has power that perhaps many rich men do not.

Powerless individuals are of no concern for whatever the powerless individual does, good or evil, right or wrong, it will be mediocre. Simple as that. Mediocrity has no effect on society.

Power is a limited resource. There is only so much to go around. That powerless individual, though today has no power, may continue to grow and gather power until he/she exceeds you. Then to them, you become insignificant.

Power is a constant struggle. It is an eternal game that we all play, many without knowing. It is the fuel of our lives, of our desires, of our dreams.

Power, it is why we are here. In the end, it's all just a game.

Power, get it while you can.

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