Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It was a dark and stormy night... The room will filled with the smell of delicious pork...

So when I walked into my apt. last night and turned on the television, every channel had severe weather reports. Finding where I lived on the map, I saw a nice purple spot floating around the city (I think that may just have been some jam that got spilled though cause what’s purple on the weather map?). One reporter went as far as “ I want all of you to go down to your basement right now and turn on the radio”. I live in an apt. with a garage on the first floor. I tried hanging out in my garage, but that was boring so I went back upstairs and started cooking dinner.

About 15 minutes later, I hear this faint siren sound. As it grew louder, I got more excited about what was coming. My first thought was an air raid or nuclear attack is coming. I did the only logical thing to do. That was to run outside to see what was going on. I figured at the chance of it being a nuclear attack or alien invasion (do we have sirens for that?) I wanted to be the one there first, either to try to catch the missile and save millions of people, avoid becoming a mutant with super useless powers (I imagine I would have the ability to shoot salt or pepper from my arms or something, worst power ever.), or sell out the human race to the aliens by becoming their translator and guide. Then I the Alien princess and I will secretly “find” each other only to be find out the King will not put my intestines out of my mouth. I will then lead the human revolt against the aliens and take my alien princess. I digress.

I wanted to run outside and scream “They’re coming! They’re coming!” or random biblical verses (hours and hours of fire and brimstone evangelical TV is finally paying off!). The rain, lightening, and thunder started so I thought better. I’ll just describle what you would have seen. Mostly naked asian man in boxers only screaming with a beer in his hand. No one really needs to see that.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE storms? Well I do. A lot. Even at the expense of seeing hundreds of homes destroyed. Of course, that’s not because of the storms. Still love the storms. Why do I not live in Seattle yet? Can’t beat the fear of power going off and having to rely on candles. That’d be so fun. For about 2 hours of course. Then I would want it back on so I could post this blog.

Hmmm… my pork stew is done after a good 4 hours. It’s amazing and it gets better each day as leftovers. Now the smell’s all over the house.

Pork and Storm.. hmmm.. this is going to be good. Sounds like the title of a porno… hmmm.. porn… :)

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