Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What if?

Announcer 1: Well folks, it’s all coming down to this play. It’s the 4th quarter of the Georgia AAAA football championship. Southwest Dekalb has just called their final timeout. Morrow used up their timeout earlier in this drive. Morrow is holding on to a slim 5 point lead with Southwest Dekalb knocking on the door on the 3 yard line with 3 seconds left in the game. Morrow’s defense is the reason they’re here and they’ve shown that all game long. The Mustang defense has held the number one offense in the country to only 9 points. The Mustangs could have won the game but a costly mishandle between the center and the quarterback in the last 2 minutes has set up this scene. The panthers seem to have caught the Mustang defense off guard and drove 40 yards to the 3 yard line with 3 seconds left. Fatigue seems to be setting in for this dominating defense.

The Morrow Defense, anchored by the Triad, has neutralized the top running back prospect in the country, number 34 Barry Winslow. Winslow seems to have found some new life in this last drive. The most dominate defensive trio seems to be a little worn down in this tough physical match up.

Announcer 2: I agree with you there. The trio, made up of defensive tackle Robinson, and the two linebackers Salasap and Chan, has been dominate all game with their intensive punishment of anyone with the ball. In this last drive, they’ve been taken out of the plays with some good double teaming from the panthers. The other guys on the defense doesn’t seem to be picking up the slack.

In the huddle:

Salasap: We ain’t going down like no bitches.. This shit gets stopped now!
Robinson: Oh hell no. I’m gonna make this mother fucker bleed.
Chan: Ya’ll quit fucking around. Cover the outside. We’ll take the inside. Look for the play-action. Don’t fall for shit or I’ll kick yo ass myself. We stopped them all damn night.. We gonna stop them now!!

Group: Yea!
Salasap: All right, Hell na on 3… 1..2…3
Group: Helllll… na…!!!!

Announcer 1: Ok, both groups has broken from their huddle. Doesn’t seem like there’s any hiding of what SW Dekalb’s going to do. They’ve pulled their wide receivers and brought in 2 more Tight ends. They’re in a strong power I formation.

Announcer 2: That’s a good call. They’ve got the number 1 running back in the state. Use what they brought you here.

Announcer 1: I agree, but you’re facing the nastiest run defense in the state. This is going to be all out.

On field:

Salasap: Oh I know you ain’t going to try to run in my house. This is my house bitch.
Chan: Dig in! No one comes through!
Robinson: Oh hell na… you better go around, cause this shit’s closed right here…

Hut.. hut….Blue 32… Hut.. Hut…

What seems to be an eternity happens in 4 short seconds. The Quarterback hikes the ball and hands it off to Winslow. Robinson speeds off the block to the backfield, but a double team pushes Robinson off just enough. He fights through enough to disrupt Winslow’s path. Chan rushes into the hole created in the middle of the line. Chan has a clear path to Winslow. In a spilt moment, the full-back lunges to meet Chan in the neutral zone. The impact of the 2 could have caused a movement in the rector scale. Chan holds the ground against this giant man-child and they bring each other down. Winslow sees a clear path through the air into the end zone and takes his lunge. Just as soon as Winslow leaves the ground, his body is met with an impact that would crush bones into a fine powder. The impact of Salasap’s hit brings Winslow’s body straight up and back. What seemed like a lunge for a touchdown turned into a world of pain.

The cheers died down, the bodies clear out.
The ball is on the 4 yard line.

The lights turn off…..

Moments later:

Robinson, Chan, and Salasap is seen standing on top of Winslow.

Robinson: Sucka.
Chan:Bitch please. This ain't no place for your weak shit.
Salasap: We told you… Hell na… OUR HOUSE!


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