Friday, May 21, 2004

Conspiracy theory on the Cancelling of Angel

Everyone's pissed at the WB for cancelling Angel. To that I will extend my middle finger. However, don’t be fooled! The WB is merely the puppet. The true enemy here is the ultraconservative religious groups that’s growing more powerful and influencing our lives without anyone realizing it.

Angel is merely the latest causality in their war against anything depicts the supernatural or fantasy. There were many before and there will be many other later.

Look at the trend of religion taking over music, movie, and all forms of media. Everything on TV is your traditional family, or cute hetero teenagers running around. Where is the diversity? Well, diversity is not part of their plan. Diversity has no part in their “vision”.

They will program the TV so all the viewers will see what they want you to see. They will show you how you should act, who you should want to be like, and what you should think is “normal”.

It’s a programming/re-programming tool. Others have used it before. Be aware.

Take a look around you, religion is once again taking over. It's never been good for anyone. Strong religion = war. Take a looking in the history books, most wars had a religous underlinning.

These are powerful people in powerful circles. How to change things I do not have an answer. Evil, it all depends on who's defining it. It’s all in the fine print. You just have to look closer.

Still foaming at the cancellation of Angel. Just thought I’d rant.

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