Monday, May 10, 2004

What the hell happened?

”So when’re we going to the rave?”
”I don't know, around 1?”

Not 3 years ago, that would be a typical conversation on a typical Friday or Saturday night. We would start around 1am and come home when the sun rises/mid-morning when the after after party was over with.

The conversation as it stands today.

“So when’re going to the club?”
“10 or 11? I feel kinda tired”
“Yea, I want to be home by around 2”
”You know what? I’m actually too tired to go. Let’s just go see a movie or something.”

ARGHH!! Our 3 years ago selves would so kick our present selves in the face. When did we get so fucking old!! Damn it!!!

All I know is that I ain't going out like no weak ass bitch.
This weekend has solidify my plans for next summer.

Ibiza 2005. 1 week. The symphony ends. One last big finale of beats.

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