Thursday, May 27, 2004

In interesting news of the day, Republican senator Orrin Hatch of Utah agreed that aggressive animal rights groups (PETA) should be classified as “terrorists.” after a testimonial from members representing KFC.

CIA? FBI? What do they know? Let’s get our definition and classification of “terrorist” from the good folks at KFC. Hmm.. finger licking good chicken and we classify terrorists! Buy a 12 piece meal and name your first terrorist organization for free!

Not that I agree completely with PETA, but come on. What’s on the agenda in the senate anyway? Terrorists, economy? No, let’s table that and talk about some fried chicken issues. What’s next on there? The rising cost of Jamba juice? Get to work on real issues people! As much as I do love Fried chicken, not a top issue to be discussing.

Hmmm... fried chicken..

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T said...

KFC sucks anyway. You need you some Popeyes!
Hey, that reminds me...