Sunday, May 02, 2004

I went to the Mushroom Festival this weekend in Richmond, Missou-ri

What's going on? During the parade, there was numerous Shriners with their funny little cars (side note: Old people in funny old cars? Let it go people.)

Besides the parade, I do admit that I missed out on the tractor pulls, a demolition derby, go-cart races, FFA & 4H competitions, and carnival rides, any of which could've been filled with Mushroom paraphernalia.

Overall, the experience was bizarre. It was like as if I was doing mushrooms. Hmmm… Maybe that’s the point! This experience was SUPPOSE to replicate the hallucinogenic experience of the fungus!

Oh my.. I figured it out! To that then, I say Bravo to the town of Richmond. Brillant!

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