Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Here I go again on my own....

Why any women or men in their right mind would vote for W is way beyond me.

This election is not just about terrorists from the outside. This election is very important because the very same liberties that these terrorists are attacking us for are being taken away. Is this the president's plan to keep us safe? By making our country into what the terrorist had envisioned? A faith-based country that's not tolerant of other's beliefs? Cause that's what it's looking like.

We won't be any better than those we're fighting? Christianity or Islamic, it doesn't matter. It's still running the WHOLE country based on the believes of some, and it's not the view that promotes the liberties that this country was founded in the first place. It's scary to think that religion will be running our lives soon. Sure, for those of you who are in this faith it's not a problem, but what about all those that aren't? Are we suppose to just 'live with it'? To follow religious, not political, laws? Imagin your self living under another religion's rule. See how well you 'live with it'.

The latest attempt to transform this nation in a faith-based repressive backwards ass country.

The President vs. the Pill
by Sharon Lerner

For those of you who are 'not political', here's what this president sneaked under your noses:

Joseph B. Stanford, a Utah physician Bush appointed to the FDA committee, refuses to prescribe the birth control pill, saying it's "incompatible with Christian values."
Bush went on to cut funds for family planning throughout his time in office while pouring money into "abstinence-only" education, which forbids frank discussion of birth control.... insist that nearly one-third of domestic funding for HIV/AIDS be spent on abstinence - This will have great success I'm sure.

Tom Coburn, a former Republican congressman who has opposed condom use, appointed as co-chair of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS. - Fantastic. Fair and Balanced.

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