Thursday, October 21, 2004

Its Getting Colder

...And what does T like about the cold? Being ghetto-er!!! The winter season is the time when I can wear my wardrobe all at once and not look out of place. Well not too much out of place if I stick to the streets.

Yesterday I broke out the skull cap. It weren't even that cold, but I gotta wear it to break it in. Anyway I wore it to the office and left it on while I was working. The secretary came by and asked if I was cold. I hadn't thought about it until she asked, but I said, "Hell yeah, I'm cold!" Then I went into a rant about how the A/C works fine during the cold months but always needs repair work all summer long. Realizing her snide remark toward my thug-life appearance, I removed the skully after she left. Oh, a skully automatically makes you a thug, especially if you're black and wear your pants around your knees.

I'm fashionable ghetto. I don't know if that makes any sense, but here's how I explain it. I shop at Express for a nice pair of cargo pants, then I hop over to the gap for an extra large flannel shirt and a gap tee-shirt. Then I go to Old Navy and find a nice zip up hoody and pull-over sweat shirt. Then I'm set. The colors are usually gray, brown, faded blue, faded green, sad. In my mind it all matches and I must wear it all. And I do. Not only do I wear all of this, but I still have the other outfits from last season and the season before last. After I shed two layers I still look homeless. There are no FUBU or Starter or whatever labels on my clothes. Instead my outfits look as if they're two generations old. I strut a true bountified ghetto Hotlanta!!!

I dress this way all year round now that I think of it. But its a special treat to my character during the winter. Damn, don't you know how easy it is to pocket shit when every item of clothing you're wearing has deep pockets? Four cans of chicken soup and a box of saltine crackers fit mighty easily in a pair of jeans 20 sizes too big and a beat up US Navy trench coat. And while you're at, grab you a forty for the after party!

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