Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I hate people.

These are some questions asked in a feedback forum about our benefits next year. In green are my answers, not those of Company S who very nicely answered all the questions in a nice political way. I will not.

I am offended by company S's decision to offer same-sex domestic partner benefits. I believe this is morally wrong and it violates my religious beliefs. Why should I support a lifestyle that is repugnant to me? Why would company S make such a decision?
I'm offended by the fact that you won't grow up and learn to play well with others. I believe that when your religious beliefs attacks another person's way of life (which neither hurts anyone else, nor should you really care (mind you own damn business), that you are mis-intrepreting that religion. If you are correct in that your religious beliefs does make you so repugnant of another person's lifestyle that you feel you need to interfer, then you and your religious beliefs are repugnant to me. Since I have to support your objectionable, discriminatory, small-minded, ignorant ass lifestyle that is repugnant to me, suck it up and support benefits for these long time partners which are long overdue.
"...all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". So here's a line from the Declaration of Independence. I checked. There is not a * or a footnote after this sentence that read "unless they're gay, then screw'em".
I completely disagree with company S's socialist decision to share health care cost increases based on income levels. Why should I pay more just because I have a higher salary to receive the same benefits as someone who makes less than I do?
If you understood governments, then you would know that a socialist decision would take a percentage of your pay, not a a few more dollars. You paying $32 more per person (which is probably 10 min. of your hourly pay), isn't the same as the other employee making $8/hour paying $32 more per person (that's 4 hours of work). See the difference?
If you have a wife and/or kids, guess what? I'm paying for them too. Why in the hell should I do that? You know why? Cause I'm a nice person. I think everyone share the cost, it'll be lower. So I shell out a bit more to help others. I'm fine with that. Too bad you can't and don't think like that you selfish dick.
By the way, feel free to leave the company and find another that doesn't "share health cost increases". It's how it works dumbass. Why don't you try spending some of that energy yelling at these big ass HMOs that keep raising the cost?
Hmmm... Costs keeps going up. Service keeps getting shittier. Profit margins for these healthcare companies keeps growing. Something doesn't sound right.
Gee.. must be them damn gay people's fault.

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