Thursday, October 21, 2004

Pup Origins - A Rainy Night in New Orleans
Part III

Looking up at the moon and stars is an interesting thing if you let it. Let go of those mental schemas that governs your mind. Those rules and boundaries that we have set up in our day to day life to make things run easier, let go. Stare up at those infinite stars and let yourself wonder and imagine. Expand your mind with what ifs, what could be-s, and things that are greater than ourselves. You'll thank me, I promise.

A loud wet slap could be heard in the night air as she wacked the back of my shoulders with her hand. The combination of her open palm on my wet shirt created a crackling slap sound. What the hell? I turned to check if she had been bitten by the crazy bug. Again, I couldn’t tell you details. All I can remember of when I turned around is a blurry image of a moonlit girl with wet hair all around her face, and a smile.

You’re it! She hollered as she turned and started running. Oh no you didn't.

We chased each other through the park and running around in circles like little children. I’m pretty silly and childish for the most part, but this was different. This wasn’t just acting or pretending to be childish. I can’t explain it to you without sounding ridiculous, but for that brief period, it seemed that time had stopped, and I was sent back to a time when I truly happy. Happy by my innocence with not a worry on my mind. The decision of BBQ or Nacho flavored corn nuts and the afternoon game of dodge ball were the biggest stressors of the day. This was a time when I was very happy.

The shower from above still lingered as we ran around the park. There wasn’t a puddle safe from our stomps and jumps. Fun was had and the laughter was real, and nothing else seemed to matter. The space in this park was all that mattered, to me, this was the world, and right now this is the only place I want to be.

Eventually we grew tired and went back to sit on the bench under the tree. She was witty and fast with her comments during our conversations. Pulling references from random topics and things. I couldn’t help but lingered on her every word. Trying to come back with a witty comments (didn't do too well there). I couldn’t put my fingers on it, but something about her seems so familiar.

The rain began to slow and we started our walk back to the Quarters. I never thought there could be so much to talk about with a stranger, but there I was, talking away. This conversation had a slightly different feel. I knew the end was coming, time was running out. It was pretty late in the night by now, and with the rain, not many people were in the streets so the stores had began to close up. We decided it was time for us to go too.

We walked to the edge of the French Quarters by the main roads. Our hotels were at opposite directions from here. I don’t think either of us knew what to do or say. For the first time tonight, we were speechless. We just looked at each other, my heart beating ever so hard it was hurting my chest. I could swear it was about to jump out of my chest and bounce around on the street.

I had a really nice time tonight….. Thanks so much for buying me this flower. She smiled as she looked up at me. Even through all the rain and running, the flower stayed steady in her hair. I struggled as I mumble out the words.. Me too. I can’t describe what happened tonight, or how this all happened, but it was wonderful, and you're wonderful. I’ll remember this. I stared at her smile as I said this. A smile that never faded, not even for a second, as we said our good byes.

Something hit me all of a sudden as we were standing there for the last time. I don’t think I know her name. I tried and tried to think if I had forgotten. I forget names a lot as I’m terrible with names, but I don’t think I would've forget her name. Maybe she told me her name earlier and I had forgotten. Damn it, real smooth Pupperu. No, I don’t think so. I don’t think we ever exchanged names.

By the way, my name is Pup. She extends and shakes my hands jokingly. Nice to meet you again Pup she said. Again? Hmm.. that’s weird. It was late and I was tired, I wrote it off as just hearing things or maybe meeting me formally this time. She caught me slightly off guard with a hug, her head on my chest. I quickly returned her embrace. I put my face on the top of her head and smelled this wonderful girl. This strange but familar girl. I’m sure it was only seconds, but I wanted it to last forever. I didn’t want to let go…

Eventually, our hold on each other relaxed, and we were just holding each other in each other’s arms. Still wet and damp, our clothes stuck together and meshed as one. Once again, my heart was beating out of control. Surly she must have felt it being so close to me. I looked at her for a second more and we lean in as our lips touch.

Her soft wet lips are indescribable. I won’t even try. It’s a kiss that you could die right after, and you would be perfectly content. In reality, it probably wasn’t that much more than a long peck. We looked at each other again and she said that she’s gotta get going, it’s really getting late now. I never want to let her go, I wanted to keep her here in my arms for as long as I can, but I knew it had to stop sometime.

I kiss her on the forehead as I release my hold on her. She turned and started walking the other way. I just stood there. I didn’t know what to do. I was just standing there a bit numb. Still trying to comprehend what had happened, and whatI should be doing now.

I watched as she walked down the street. After a few feet down the street, she suddenly turned around…..

To be continued….

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