Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hey Jackasses, Listen up!

Here’s a few friendly advices from Pup that you should REALLY consider or next time, I will stick my foot up your ass.

Mr. Meathead. When you feel the urge to take off your shirt in a dance club? Don’t. You nasty red neck fuck. NO one wants to see you shirtless ass monkey dancing self. Take that shit back to Jerry Springer. No one wants to see that shit here.

Hey you nasty skanks. The bump and grind does NOT qualify as dancing. And you girls need to actually dance and not just dance like a damn stripper at a road side truck stop. It doesn’t make you ‘hot’, it makes you look like a cheap whore.

When you lean in to say something to a random girl at a loud venue, try not saying anything too nasty in her ear, or attempt to lick it. If you do, make sure her boyfriend isn’t that big fuck standing behind her. You ass will be whooped, and I will hold you down.

If you can’t tell the difference between an internationally know DJ laying down an awesome set and the jackass playing dancy versions of Josh Gorbin, get the fuck away from me and DO NOT ask me any questions. I will fucking strangle you next time.

If you’re standing in the middle of the dance floor, don’t just fucking stand there with your arms cross. Get the fuck out of my space if you’re gonna do that shit. Pup needs space to move beotch.

Damn it, what the hell happened to that culture that I loved so much?

I blame you Ashcroft. Oh yes. You.

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