Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Endulge my Geekyness. I found this Anime somewhere yesteday. I've never seen it, but it sounds like the best anime EVER!!!! The title alone is Macktastical. Saving the world by finding lost raves and beat back the shadow guard. What better premise for story than that?

The main character is the heir to the power of the Rave (mild manner prince by day but by the power of raveskull.. oh wait, wrong series..). Also, his battle cry is 'Rave-olution'. How corny and Pupish can you get? Cornier than T's left foot.

Check out this description.

50 years ago a war was fought between the forces of the Rave and the powers of the Shadow Stones. In the final battle, Shiba, the first Rave Master, and his companion Plue believed that they had vanquished the Shadow Stones forever. But they had underestimated the resilience of the Shadow Stones, unleashing the explosive power of the Overdrive and destroying one-tenth of the world. And the Raves were scattered to hidden locales across the globe ...

... until one fateful day, in the idyllic environs of Garage Island, Haru Glory fishes the strange dog-like animal Plue from the sea. And the old warrior Shiba must pass his massive Decaforce Sword on to a new Rave Master. So begins Haru's journey to find the lost Raves and save the world from the evil Shadow Guard.

But Haru will not be alone on his fantastic adventures. He'll be joined by Elie, a spunky girl on a quest of her own -- to discover the mystery of her forgotten past. And Plue, the little hero who knows more than he can say about the whereabouts of the missing Raves, will guide them - a little haphazardly - on their fateful quests. Together, they will journey through awesome new worlds, encountering a vast array of both friends and enemies as they seek to fulfill the duties of the Rave Master.

Three heroes. Two quests. One destiny.

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