Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Forgein Monkey with Free Will...
and a speech impediment!!!

I have no idea where this might end up. Here we go! Our monkey, lets call him Joe. He isn't gay and he's not a time traveller...at least not yet! He's in training though! Like 12 Monkeys. Wow!!! What a great movie! My count does not yet include all 12, but I know they're there...I'll have to watch the movie again.

Back to Joe. He's the ruler of MonkeyLand. Its not an amusement park. Its a totalitarian society. He's god and there are priest of Joe. And Joe provides for the people what they might need. And Joe is Joe blah blah.... But Joe can care less. He's just a monkey doing a job.

One day Joe gets zapped to ElephantLand. Not an amusement park either. Elephant land is something of a fascist society. You might find persons named George there; i.e. big arrogant fundamentalistic assholes. Anyway, Joe gets zapped to hell...for a weekend. What happens next? Stay tuned! (Lunch break is over!)

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