Sunday, December 19, 2004

"Excuse me… do you have any Rick Springfield? "

So my first gig in years was finally here. It was going to start this Saturday night. During the morning, I had gone by the house to set up all the equipment for the night. With a green table cloth and some garlands, the set up was sweet and festive. The sounds from the new speakers were blasting just fine.

All through the day I was pretty nervous. Not so much about the music or my skills at playing them (I was still very rusty, but I did a practice session after I set up the equipment and it seemed to be coming back slowly), but more worried about the crowd. This isn’t like the old days of playing on the radio or a club or something similar where you know who’s going to be at these places. This was going to be a crowd that for the most part, has never actually seen a DJ that used turntables, much less one that was playing vinyl.

I was at the party early to make sure everything was still fine and to get in a bit of practice before people actually began to show up. All was good, and after a couple of drinks, the nerves seemed to have died down.

People began tricking in, and while the Christmas CD was enjoyable, everyone wanted something a bit more upbeat. A little bit earlier than I was planning to start, but around 10pm I began my set.

Overall I think it was a decent set. A lot of vinyl I played was a bit dated since I have no access to record stores here in the middle of oz, but I don’t think anyone has heard any of those songs before so it was all good. It was a tough crowd. Even playing some of my best stuff only got a few to move their legs a bit.

So after a two hour set, I put a CD on with a good mix and took a break to mingle in the party. I hadn’t noticed being behind the DJ stuff, but everyone at the party was pretty drunk by now. As I walked around I received some compliments, and many requests for poppy wedding/sorority party songs. If you knew me, you would know that I cringe at these kinds of requests.

I was doing a good job politely refusing to play everything that I asked. After grabbing a drink I started talking to a gal that had come up to talk to me while I was working earlier. Drunken small talk…. yada yada…. I agreed to play one song for her. Then on the way back to my area, the hostess also asked me to play a Snoop song that she handed me. So now, I have 2 songs to play. It’s just 2, no biggy right? WRONG.

After I played those 2 songs, it was open season for requests. People lined up by the table asking for songs. I wasn’t really prepared since I was mostly only going to play my vinyls. I didn’t carry with me all the regular ‘party’ songs. The 2 requests that I played received very good reactions from the crowd with people dancing everywhere. I guess I just gave up and played all the usual cheesy party stuff I had with me.

~side note~ Playing NIN’s “Closer” will instantly identify the freaky gals or just drunk enough to be freaky.

The majority of the people left, and when there was only a few left in the house, I started playing the good tracks from earlier that night once again. The beats were flowy and it seems I was getting in a bit of a groove. The ones left were a lot more receptive the second time around I think. That or they were just dancing cause they were all quite drunk. As longs they’re out there dancing, it’s cool with me.

Good ol’ alcohol.

During the height of the drunken request portion of the night, a girl from the party approach me to ask if I had any Rick Springfield. I told her no. After the next song was played, she would come back asking the same question. ‘Do you have any Rick Springfield?’ She looked pretty hammered and she did this 6 times. Each time looking very sad when I said no like it was the first time.

I was going to smack her if she had asked one more time.

Happy Monday all!

5 more shopping days left!!

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